Day 1 in Review

The first day of the World Cup started with the Opening Ceremony, before the first game of the tournament France – Hong-Kong – Switzerland. France started off with a strong showing, beating the other teams 3-0-1.

The first game in the Women’s category began with a win for Czechia, against the teams from Spain and Belgium.

In the next game, Czechia—in the Men’s category—managed to secure a win against the very strong Belgians and Korea.

The French women, also managed to win their first game, and Hong-Kong, who played their first World Cup, surprisingly ended up in the second place, after winning the tie breaker against Switzerland.

Canadian Women win their first game

Japan and Canada, finished their first games with a win. Only the Canadien Men lost one period, all other games ended 3-0-0.

Tomorrow Czechia (Men) will meet the reigning champions and can show their potential. The Canadian women will also meet the victorious Czech team. Will they end up with the same fate, as their male teammates in the semifinal of the 2015 World Cup?